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Vix ([personal profile] vix) wrote2009-05-12 01:16 pm
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This Should Have Been The Obligatory Introductory Post

My name is Vicky though most people call me Vix.

I live in the Philippines after growing up in Malaysia and spending some time in Singapore and England.

I work at a small software consultancy firm where I do systems analysis, training and documentation writing. I also do programming from time to time. My job is challenging and often stressful and though I may sometimes complain I love what I'm doing.

Even though I'm now okay with being in front of large crowds, I tend to be shy on a one-on-one basis (why is there the split between professional/personal brain?) though my friends say that once they get to know me I'm pretty loud. I adore my small group of friends, a friendship that developed at uni which is still strong even though we mostly have different careers.

I will be posting about things in my life and my fandoms. My posts will be public except for work-related or uber-personal entries.
Feel free to subscribe to my journal if my posts are of interest to you.
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Hello :)

Just got your subscription request and granted it :)