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2009-05-12 07:25 pm
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I Are Alone

It's just me in the staff house so even though it's only half past seven I've already had dinner.
This place is quite spooky at night because of the old-style design and tall trees surrounding it so I'm making sure that there's at least one light on.
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2009-05-02 09:03 am
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Awesome Sauce

I've got a php coding project that HAS to be done by next week *cries*. I'm actually on the last module but it's got 7 or so components to it so... *sigh* a lot of hard work ahead.

Tomorrow is Pia's birthday. To celebrate we're going to have dinner and watch Wolverine.
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2009-04-24 05:28 pm


Awesome! First post. I wish I could be more coherent right now but it's Friday and I'm dying to go home and R.E.L.A.X!

It's been a long day - first we continued network training with the high school kids and this afternoon I went to La Carlota. Our client's office is so hot. Not in the "OMG! It's so cool and beautiful" sense but like "OMFG! I'm MELTING! I'm MELTING!".

I've got two more episodes and then I'm caught up with The Amazing Race. Even after 14 seasons I'm still excited to see all the places that they go to.